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“If we could sell our left-over spaghetti, we could make buckets of money”

As a new single father, I would often make spaghetti for my son who at the time was five. I soon learned that when you cook a pound of dried spaghetti it produces over two pounds of al dente pasta. Way too much for two; actually, enough for a large family. I found myself throwing much of it out. That’s when I jokingly said to my son Sam “If we could sell our left-over spaghetti, we could make buckets of money”. After running some numbers, it was obvious with the overhead of a wait staff, cook, bussers, leases, supply cost, etc. that opening a dine-in restaurant would never work but the bucket kept popping into my head after all Colonel Sanders sold chicken in a bucket so why not spaghetti?

On January 1st 2018 I signed a lease and six months later opened the original By the Bucket in the small town of Payson, Arizona.  In three short years, with no paid advertising, By the Bucket is now the fastest growing quick service restaurant in Arizona. Why? It’s taste, value, and quality and besides where else can you feed a family for under twenty bucks?

By the Bucket is a “Mom’s Best Friend” (and Dads too)..

By the Bucket sells hot spaghetti to go in a bucket, meatballs, meatball subs, deserts and cold drinks.

“Guaranteed to be the best spaghetti you’ve ever eaten out of a bucket”

Bret daCosta – Founder